Synthetic Sea Solutions

Capt. Charles Moore with a plastic sample from the Pacific Gyre.

This topic deals with getting the plastic out of the oceans and rivers that feed them.   I curate a “Synthetic Sea Solutions” scoopit topic which focuses mainly on using robotic technology to help solve the problem.

Video: Synthetic Sea 2010   (or see the video that inspired the topic on the Algalita website .)

Garbage Island: An ocean full of plastic (3 of 3)

I wanted to post this because although it has some coarse language , it is the best video that shows what goes on when Capt Charles Moore takes people on a gyre voyage to view what is happening to the oceans.   You feel the day to day boredom on the outward journey and then experience the sad facts about the garbage patch first hand from the viewpoint of the videographers.    A bit long, but makes a nice substitute for a half hour TV program and is very educational.   You feel like one of the crew.

video: Everything you need to know about trash in our oceans

Informative video by the surfrider foundation.

video: Plastic to oil by inventor in Japan

Other links:

Five gyres organization

NOAA Marine Debris Program

Marine Debris Solutions

Ocean Conservancy International Coastal Cleanup

International Pellet Watch

United Nations Environment Programme


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