Robot Stuff…Vex, First Robotics

plus Going Green.

I’m an advocate for quality management in our schools and reducing plastic pollution on land and in our oceans and rivers .

I spend most of my time mentoring two competitive robotic teams:

Team 599 Robodox  (Granada Hills Charter High School, Granada Hills, Ca)

Team 1508 Lancer Bots  (Grant High School, Van Nuys, Ca)

I’m a retired Lockheed Martin avionics and control systems engineer.

Mentor of the year at the Vex 2009 World Championships and recently inducted to the newly created Vex Hall of fame.


4 Responses to About

  1. Ether says:

    Chris, please contact me. I have an FRC robotics question.


  2. Jimmy McCardle says:

    I need info very quickly please. How and where do we purchase the Vex PTC monitors. In need !

  3. Doug Barrows, Orange Park HS, Orange Park, FL says:

    I need to teach this reverse 4 bar link lift to 7 schools who have made a League in N. Florida. We need to order the materials for use in May and I am trying to work up a Bill of Materials. It would help if you would tell me the materials you used so I can get these teams going. Last year was our first and it was not pretty. Thanks

    • vamfun says:

      Hi Doug
      My post is just an example geometry. It is not a lift design with all the motors and structure so I cannot answer your question directly. One of our teams used this concept but there are of course many variations which will require different parts.

      Are u forming a league in Vex high school division that will compete in 2016 game? If so why not wait to see what special parts might be required for the new game rather than invest a lot for the 2015 game. This will be anounced at worlds shortly.

      I would post your question to the vex forum where u will find a number of capable robots that used many different supporting structures to play this years game in addition to league experienced mentors. (Btw, I would encourage your teams to determine their own solutions which may or may not use the reverse 4 bar. ). I would be happy to discuss this further with u if u send me your number by email.. vamfun@yahoo.com

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