OpenROV debuts during Algalita 2014 POPS International Youth Summit at Dana Point Ocean Institute


The Team with Capt Moore


OpenROV going into demo tank


OpenROV on Display

Our Robodox Algalita OpenROV build team attended the subject conference and gave Captain Charles Moore and crew their first look at the OpenROV that will be used to survey fish habitat located in plastic pollution during their July expedition to the Pacific Gyre.   See this video for Capt Moore interview.

Here is a link to the team summit report posted in our blog “Robodox Engineering ROV for ORV”

We had a short tank demo with a missing thruster… but at least we were able to go in circles:) Thanks to Dave L. for trying to get us new motors on the spur of the moment. We now have things back to normal and will proceed with salt water testing next week.

I was excited to finally get onboard the Alguita ORV and see how we might deploy the ROV. The girls on the team were more excited to see surfer-singer Jack Johnson!


Here are all the images from the conference…. sure was a beautiful place to meet.


OIMG_6150 IMG_6152 IMG_6153 IMG_6155 IMG_6156 IMG_6158 IMG_6161 IMG_6162 IMG_6163 IMG_6166 IMG_6168 IMG_6171 IMG_6172 IMG_6173 IMG_6174 IMG_6177 IMG_6178 IMG_6179 IMG_6181 IMG_6184 IMG_6185 IMG_6186 IMG_6187 IMG_6188 IMG_6189 IMG_6190 IMG_6191 IMG_6193 IMG_6196 IMG_6197 IMG_6198 IMG_6199 IMG_6200 IMG_6203 IMG_6207 IMG_6208 IMG_6209 IMG_6210 IMG_6211 IMG_6213 IMG_6214 IMG_6216 IMG_6217 IMG_6218 IMG_6219 IMG_6223 IMG_6224 IMG_6225 IMG_6226 IMG_6228 IMG_6231 IMG_6233 IMG_6234 IMG_6235 IMG_6238 IMG_6244 IMG_6245 IMG_6246 IMG_6248 IMG_6249 IMG_6250 IMG_6251 IMG_6252 IMG_6254 IMG_6255 IMG_6256 IMG_6257 IMG_6258 IMG_6259 IMG_6260 IMG_6261 IMG_6262 IMG_6263 IMG_6264 IMG_6265 IMG_6266 IMG_6268 IMG_6270 IMG_6272 IMG_6273 IMG_6275 IMG_6276 IMG_6277 IMG_6278 IMG_6283 IMG_6285 IMG_6287 IMG_6288 IMG_6289 IMG_6290 IMG_6292 IMG_6295 IMG_6297 IMG_6298 IMG_6300 IMG_6301 IMG_6302 IMG_6303 IMG_6309 IMG_6311 IMG_6312 IMG_6313 IMG_6315 IMG_6316 IMG_6317 IMG_6318 IMG_6320 IMG_6333 IMG_6337 IMG_6338 IMG_6339 IMG_6346 IMG_6347 IMG_6350 IMG_6352 IMG_6353 IMG_6355 IMG_6356



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