Robodox performs well at 1st Week FRC Inland Empire Regional

Robodox performs well at 1st Week FRC Inland Empire Regional

GHCHS Team 599 Robodox attended the 2014 Inland Empire Regional FRC competition. We collected the Engineering Design award and also the competition finalist award and medals. It was a well run competition and we had a great time. Once again we had a top performing robot that got beat by a stronger no 1 alliance. We made an operational mistake  in the finals that cost us the first match by breaking communication during setup and causing our Crio to need resetting after the match started and we sat out the Autonomous plus some seconds.    Our alliance partners 294 and 4139 were having functional problems in the second so we were soundly trounced by the winning alliance led by 1678 citrus circuits who teamed up 399 and 4161.   The 2nd final match (see video) was a thing of beauty with 1678 and 399 performing two truss catches and racking up a 229 to 72 score.  Hopefully we can redeem ourselves at  our next regional  in Sacramento where we will once again tangle with 1678 citrus circuits from Davis.   Also, thanks again to 294 for selecting us for the direct eliminations.

Winning the engineering design award means a lot to us since this year we focused on doing a 3D Solidworks design supported by solid prototyping. All fabrication was done based upon automated drawings made from the 3D model. This the best looking robot we have done in years and clearly the most durable. See this post for picture.
Lots more pictures on my facebook page.
The choo-choo catapult reset mechanism performed well so long as we kept the linkages in good order. The high forces caused holes in the linkages to elongate after a day worth of shooting. This was anticipated so we brought three spares and used them all. We will use steel linkages rather than aluminum at our next competition so they should last longer.

Robodox also ran the robot First Aid Station and the spare parts booth. We also had on display our underwater ROV which will be used by Algalita Research Foundation to do plastic pollution exploration in the Pacific Gyre this summer.


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