Microplastics and the Threat to Our Seafood

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Old plastic never dies, it just fades away…into tiny pieces called “microplastics.”  Microplastics are fragments of plastic that measure less than 5 mm (as defined by NOAA).  The abundance of microplastics in the oceans has grown steadily over the last few decades, as plastic use continues to rise.  While a major portion of microplastics comes from the degradation of plastic products into smaller fragments, I have focused on the small resin pellet that is the industrial feedstock of plastic products.  Since the pellets are durable and accumulate persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the environment, they are a good vehicle to track these pollutants and how they enter the food web..

The ocean health Index is a comprehensive scientific measure of the ocean’s overall condition. It advances ocean policy, compares future progress, and informs decisions regarding marine ecosystems worldwide.

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