note 1 Beaglebone Black: Boot attempt using OPENROV image

As mentioned in my last Arduino post, the 599 Algilita ROV team selected the OPENROV processing architecture for their ROV.   It was hoped that this would save us a lot of time setting up the cockpit display software which is already working on OPENROV.   Ha…think again.   Unfortunately, the OPENROV flash image which works so nice in the Beaglebone doesn’t seem to boot with the Beaglebone Black (BBB), at least for me.

Flashing the OPENROV image to BBB (unsuccessful)

The BBB uses a built-in eMMC to boot from normally.   To flash a new image you insert a micro SD MMC and while holding down the User (boot) button on the BBB you power up the board either by USB or 5v power supply.  Continue to hold the button until the user LED’s begin to blink (See flashing procedure),  The BBB board is then boots up and transfers the image from the micro SD to the built-in eMMC.

I made a bootable 8GB micro SD card using the Windows solution outlined in the Getting Started link   I held the boot button down, powered up and waited for over 5 minutes for the user LED’s to light, but only the power LED lit.

I searched the forums and only found one comment re the BBB not being able to flash the OPENROV-image.  Apparently some modifications need to be made to the uSD 64K partition that contains a file called

I did check that I could flash something by starting with a fresh Angstrom image and booted that ok.


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