Robodox teams Finish Strong at CSUN Vex Competition

Once again, three 599 teams (A,B,D) were in the finals with A on the winning alliance.   B and D were paired but experienced a few Vexnet problems again that may have cost them the match.

599D Semi Final match Video

599D Practice Match @GHCHS

D team entered a new concept robot that they constructed in 3 weeks after junking their old robot that was the number one ranked robot in the last two competitions (we all thought they were a little crazy to do this).   The new robot concept was to collect all the opponents tubes in a basket to deny their ability to score.   It also had the capability to score and de-score.   I haven’t seen any other robot that duplicates this capability.    It worked really well and got them to the finals again.   But they lost in a close match.  D has had their robot in the last three finals but have failed to prevail for various reasons.    We’ll see what they do if the team decides to go to worlds.

Team A also won the drivers skill challenge (107 score).

Team C had the best Programming challenge results (35 pts) but due to close of challenge mixup, the award was given to the second place team with the gracious consent of Team C.  Good sportsmanship prevailed so I say well done .  The kids put in a lot of hard work to win this and hopefully, the mixup won’t sting too bad.

More 2010 results:

Round up challenge at GHCHS.



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