CAMS 2010 Roundup Competition: 3 Robodox teams qualify for worlds

Big day Saturday…. 4 Robodox teams  competed at CAMS near Hawthorne Ca.   Teams 599 B, C and D qualified for worlds.  Official results here.

Awards Ceremony.. 599B and C on winning team with El Camino 404.

599D runner up… still wondering what happened to their robot in finals.

.When we arrived in the morning the robots were not in a ready state as usual.

Team A  has dual slides  with a claw and wasn’t working at all.

Team B  has 4 bar with claw and was sort of working.

Team C  has dual slides with an outside roller grabber that can score and descore..sort of working.

Team C.. Dual slides with outside roller tube grabber.

Team D  had a 4 bar with slide motor actuation , an inside plunger tube grabber , a strafe wheel and servoed fork lifts that could be placed under scored tubes and remove them while simultaneously putting on a full load of their own.  It  needed an autonomous and was otherwise competition ready.

So it was basically a work day with lots of programming going on.   The teams got better and better as the day went on and all made the semifinals.

Team D was truly the dominant robot in the competition.  It is not fancy… the robot is slow, the lifts are wobbly and unsynchronized but it has some real powerful weapons.  The effective strafe wheel allowed pickup of tubes around the wall and servoed fork lift resulted in a lot of  26 point swings which was exciting  to watch.   Unfortunately for D, it broke down  during the finals  and B and C robots won the trophy.  D however, won the programming challenge ..hah.. only scored two tubes but was enough.

The CAMS people put on a great meet and we enjoyed our visit.


2 Responses to CAMS 2010 Roundup Competition: 3 Robodox teams qualify for worlds

  1. Omar Issa Attar says:

    Great competition and team 599D was dominating. Stupid connection error in finals. btw teams 599B and C did not win, 599D just lost.

  2. Techno! says:

    Thanks for continually posting. I like your articles and think that they add a lot of real worth. I found this Spotify playlist recently and thought it fits posts that you’ve posted. I hope the community listen to it!

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