Help eliminate 52 million plastic bags a day

California is on the cusp of very important legislation to ban plastic bags in grocery stores.   I work with a group called Californians Against Waste (CAW).

A recent email spoke of the importance of doing personal lobbying of your legislators.  Here is an excerpt:

Dear Chris:

We are closer than ever to enacting legislation in California to ban single use plastic grocery bags. But the closer we get to our goal, the more the plastics industry will spend to mislead the public and decision makers. That’s why we really nead your help. If you haven’t already done so, here are a few things you can do to help combat the misinformation being disseminated by the plastics industry:

  1. Fax/Email your State Senator and Urge their Support for AB 1998;
  2. Sign-up to receive daily updates and action alerts on the legislation;
  3. Make an online contribution today to support our campaign.

In the next four weeks the California legislature will take final votes on AB 1998 (Brownley), legislation that will promote a shift to reusable bags and prohibit grocery, liquor and convenience stores from distributing single-use plastic bags.

Think about what that means: 52 million plastic bags a day eliminated! These are bags that blow from trash cans and garbage trucks; bags that get stuck in trees and accumulate in parks, creeks and roadsides; bags that pollute our waterways and threaten wildlife; literally billions of plastic bags every year whose useful life is measured in minutes, but whose life as litter, waste and ocean pollution can last for decades or longer. (what’s at stake)

For the last 18 months, we’ve been engaged in an around-the-clock campaign to end plastic bag pollution (what we’ve been doing). We now believe we have at least 16 of the necessary 21 votes in the State Senate. But the American Chemistry Council and the plastics industry are spending thousands of dollars on lobbyists, former legislators, and media consultants in a misleading propaganda campaign to scare undecided legislators from supporting the bill (more).  With your immediate and ongoing support this month, we can counter their misleading campaign and win legislative support for AB 1998. This summer California can become the first state in the US to eliminate a major source of plastic pollution (next steps).

Please take a few minutes right now to contact your legislator in support of AB 1998, and make an online contribution to support our work.

Thank you for your support!


One Response to Help eliminate 52 million plastic bags a day

  1. Excellent post. I will be going through some of these issues as well..

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